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San Francisco-based freelance photojournalist Mike Fox has worked all over Europe, South Africa and the United States, with assignments also taking him to other parts of Africa, the Middle East, Haiti. Mexico and Southeast Asia. In his 15+ years as a photojournalist, Mike has been doused in tear gas, nearly attacked by a wild donkey, and brought in to land on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. His work has been featured in many leading daily, weekly and monthly publications as well as on MSNBC, CNN and other news-related web sites. Mike specializes in corporate photojournalism and has a substantial client list, many of which are located in the Silicon Valley area. Visit Mike's Web site and blog.

Do You Know Your Customers’ Unspoken Needs?

Tweet Photographers making the transition from newspaper staff positions to full-time freelance work face a number of challenges. Perhaps the biggest of these is learning what sells — and who it sells to. As a freelancer, you must get to know many different prospective customers, and what motivates each of them. Tweet

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