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John Sevigny was born in Miami and studied English and art history at Miami Dade College. He has spent more than 15 years as a professional photographer, working for the Associated Press, EFE News, and many newspapers. Currently working as an independent fine art and documentary photographer, he has exhibited his work in the United States, Portugal, and Mexico, where he currently lives. He is finishing a degree in art education at La Universidad Veracruzana and regularly gives photographic workshops. His writing on photography and the arts regularly appears in a number of online magazines. Check out his Gone City blog.

Some F-Stops Are More Equal Than Others

Tweet Let’s say that your 50mm lens has seven f-stops. You might think that, depth of field issues aside, your lens should be capable of making equally sharp, equally well-defined images at any of them. And maybe that’s true — if you never print anything larger than 6×8 inches. Tweet

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