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John Lawlor has merged his 15+ years in Internet marketing, speaking, consulting and coaching experience with his 20+ years as a globetrotting advertising photographer (clients included Texaco, British Airways, Merrill Lynch, Kodak, Nikon and Marlboro and hundreds of others) into -- a business dedicated to teaching people "How to Shoot, Select and Optimize Photos for Social Media, Blogs, Email, Twitter, Websites and Search Engines." Contact points:,, and

Eight Ways to Help Google “See” Your Images

Tweet We’ve all heard the expression “blind as a bat” — but bats aren’t blind, they just “see” differently from us. Bats supplement their small eyes and poor visual acuity with echolocation, a radar-like quality that enables them to ping their environment, gather data and use this information to locate prey, fly in the dark, […]

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