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Jim Pickerell began his career in 1963 as a freelance photojournalist in the Far East. His first major sale, a Life Magazine cover, was a stock photo of the overthrow of the Ngo Dinh Diem government in Saigon. In 1990, he began publishing Selling Stock, a bimonthly newsletter dealing with issues of interest to stock photographers and stock photo sellers, with particular focus on issues related to marketing stock images. Selling Stock is recognized worldwide as the leading source of in-depth analysis of the stock photo industry. As a result of his many years in the industry and his work with Selling Stock, Jim has an expert understanding of the stock industry, its standard practices and developing trends. Jim recently launched, where photographers can learn about licensing and selling their images.

A Litany of Woes for Career Photographers

Tweet Anyone interested in a career as a photographer – as well as photographers in mid-career – should carefully examine how the business is changing. If we look at image use on the Internet, it is undeniable that more images are being made available for viewing. Here are some numbers: Tweet

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