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Frederic Munro Wiggins entered the wonderful world of photography when he started playing with his dad's 35mm Mamiya. During high school, he spent an entire summer gardening to save money to buy a new SLR camera. He's mostly taught himself the art and business of photography through reading books and asking questions of established photographers. He's also learned on the fly as part of his job working at local newspapers as both a reporter and a photographer. In 2005 he decided to launch his business: Munro Photography. Since then he's continued working at local newspapers as his own business grows and hopes to eventually own his own studio space. In 2010 he expanded to create a second, companion business to Munro Photography, a boudoir photography business called 11:59 Photography. Check out Frederic's blog.

My Journey to Build an Agency-Worthy Portfolio

Tweet Last August, I began contacting photographic agencies to seek representation, and among those I reached out to was Black Star. I wasn’t asked to be a Black Star photographer — but the interaction did change my photography. Tweet

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