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Ellen Fisch is an architectural fine art photographer based in New York. Using black and white and sepia tones, she creates photographs that evoke a sense of history and of place. Ellen majored in photography and architectural drawing in college and graduate school and has worked commercially in both fields. Well-versed in painting, Ellen also uses traditional fine art concepts to enhance her architectural art photography, which she exhibits extensively. Ellen’s photography appears in books, magazines and her images are licensed for poster. She teaches photography and lectures about photography, architecture, and art. Additionally, Ellen writes a blog about architectural photography. The blog, upcoming exhibitions, photography and Ellen’s insightful photography white papers may be viewed on her website,

With Color, Less is More

Tweet I learned to develop black and white photography in my college darkroom decades ago. Back then, we didn’t shoot or develop color photographs. Instead, we hand-tinted black and whites if we wanted to colorize our images. I learned a lot about values, composition, form and line in those days by using black and white […]

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