Ask the Photo Business Coach: Where Is the Industry Going?

In this month’s “Ask the Photo Business Coach,” I answer the following question submitted by a Black Star Rising reader: “Where is the industry going — and should I be worried about it?” It’s a question I get a lot.

4 Responses to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: Where Is the Industry Going?”

  1. That was about as informative as hearing that the sky is blue. Serves me right. I stopped following Blackstar not long ago, but someone else I follow retweeted this drivel.

    Really, for all you want to be photographers that come to blackstar, just go out and shoot. Learn your craft. Get off of the internet. If you're serious, prove it and stop feeding this awful hobbiest, pro-sumer senior portrait, retail market.

  2. "Get off the Internet"? YOU FIRST.

  3. You're right that people fret too much over things that are not under their control. Worrying that things are different from how they used to be doesn't help you. If you want make it as a professional photographer, focus on how to do that, not on how difficult people say it is. Or do something else.

  4. So I had to sit through her blatant self-promotion to hear her answer "Where is the industry going?" with "No one can really answer that."

    Does anyone know if this blog was purchased by Demand Media? If you guys want, I'll be glad to promote things in a video while providing content of little value, just shoot me an email.

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