Ask the Photo Business Coach: What’s the Next Big Thing?

In this edition of Ask the Photo Business Coach, I answer the question, “What are the most promising new opportunities for photographers?”

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  1. I commented on here for the other post about "the new" and the point of my comment was that the "new" or "next big thing" for photographers has nothing to do with the final image.

  2. Interesting - glad we shoot location/event based so the CGI is less of a threat to our business, but it's definitely showing up a lot in automobile photography.

    On video, good points too - we've been doing a lot more video work and have integrated it into our studio's offerings.

    Scott, agreed, but in marketing "new" gets attention and marketing is almost more important that what final images any photographer can create.

  3. I think the video aspect is certainly getting huge in my market (wedding photography). I haven't really started into it because I feel that I need to get a 'rig' of some sort to actually make some quality video before jumping straight in.

  4. oh no no no please...
    i dont want to do video

  5. Pet photography. Americans love their pets. They are not just pets to us but they are a part of the family. This is a niche area that I believe is becoming very popular. As a pet photographer and pet lover (I have 3 chihuahuas and 1 German Shepard), I get such satisfaction after a session when I sit down and look at the photos of the dogs and their unique beauty. They are so real, their emotions come out in every photo without me having to do anything. I absolutely love photographing pets and the greatest satisfaction is seeing the joy on the pet owner's face when they see the beautiful portraits of their babies.

    Kim Ortiz
    Pet & People Photography

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