Ask the Photo Business Coach: What Should Photographers Be Thankful for?

In my last couple of installments of “Ask the Photo Business Coach,” we’ve discussed issues such as photographers who complain all the time, and how to stay positive in a negative environment. On Thanksgiving, I thought it might be nice to take a step back and focus on the things we can all be grateful for.

One Response to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: What Should Photographers Be Thankful for?”

  1. That was beautiful, and so true!
    I have attempted, all of life, to remember each day, upon awakening, remember all those things in my life for which I am grateful...and there are many; three beautiful, intelligent, healthy children (now grown), an interesting job, a good mind...when, at 47, I struck down with a devastating disease, it was this attitude of gratitude that helped keep me sane in an insane situation.
    I watched things, the things I had always counted on, disappear; my job, my nice place to live, my security...and yet, my children still loved me, I could take photographs, and now, without a job to go to, I make that my career!
    I found a husband who lived in a paradise on earth, so ended up in a better situation, after 10 years of struggle and hardship, than I had ever been in before...and I do believe it was all due to that attitude of gratitude.
    I still have the disease. I always will. But somehow with all of life's blessings heaped upon me, how can it matter?

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