Ask the Photo Business Coach: What Are My Numbers Telling Me?

In this edition of Ask the Photo Business Coach, I discuss how to look at the numbers for your photography business. By starting with your financial goals and knowing your conversion rate, you’ll know how heavily you’ll need to market.

2 Responses to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: What Are My Numbers Telling Me?”

  1. Thanks for posting this, I also encounter this quite often in my coaching, where photographers are intimidated by the numbers and financials needed to make a success.

    Working backwards, as you suggested, is a good idea and really makes the process easier. However, I would add that it's important to ensure that the photographer keeps in mind their real target market when adding additional marketing pieces to their campaigns, otherwise they risk adversely affecting their expected conversion rate.

  2. I always recommend to all levels of photographers to punch numbers into a photo business calculator. Know what it costs to open your doors every day and each week. You can't simply open your door and hope that you make enough money at the end of the day or one day you will wake up and you will be 65 years old and realize its too late. Know your numbers.
    I am in no way associated with this organization, but here is a simple and easy to use calculator that is available to the public from NPPA.

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