Ask the Photo Business Coach: Should I Stay in the Business or Get Out?

In this installment of “Ask the Photo Business Coach,” I address a question I come across every day in photography blogs and forums, in one form or another: “Should I stay in the photography business, or is it time for me to get out?”

19 Responses to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: Should I Stay in the Business or Get Out?”

  1. Great advice. Especially about staying away from the negativity.

    If you're good and you are personable, you can go far. Regardless what the naysayers say. There is money to be made.

    Do learn the technology and necessary computer software to keep ahead of the game. Follow and anticipate market trends.

    Thanks Beate

  2. Amen. Negativity is a killer. Niche opportunities exist everywhere in photography - you only have to look for them.

    If you're feeling down, then get out there and network. You will find the right contacts.

    Photographers can survive and thrive by staying positive and working at being successful.

  3. Today two things landed in my inbox. This RSS feed to you and Gitomer eNewsletter. Both are about attitude. Here is a link to another professional talking to sales folks about the same subject

    Great job!

  4. So uplifting, thank you!

  5. Loved this. So true.

    If there are people who are still waiting for the business to return to the 'way it was', they are simply not paying attention. And that is not anyone's fault but their own.

    It is NOT the business I got into 30 years ago. It has changed. It is what it is and I personally still love it.

    I am positive negativity sucks.

  6. Wonderful advice and so timely. Thank you Beate for sharing it. I think it might be helpful to follow-up with some specific steps that photographers who are suffering can take to overcome these very trying (yet valuable) times of growth and change. Looking forward to your next feature...

  7. I think there's a lot to be said for diversification. In other words, don't *just* be a photographer.

    For example, you could combine photography with graphic design. Or web development. Heck, you could even be a lawyer like the creator of

    What's good about diversification? A lot of things. The most notable being that you have the ability to create income in more than one field.

  8. Great advice! Yes, instead of scaring people away from the industry, we should all focus on helping each other find success. There are indeed people still finding new markets and making money with photography, and those with a positive personality and creative ingenuity will be the ones to succeed!

  9. As much as I agree, I still find myself being negative toward the negative people! It's one of the things I'm trying to avoid. It's like their negativity breeds negativity. Thanks for reminding me to brighten my attitude!

  10. I wish this talk could be given to those in my regular job as well. This confirms that all the doubters of my opening a studio do the the economic situation we are in right now just do not have the inner strength or believe in my ability so I was right to ignore them.

  11. Thanx Beate! Great pep talk. Not quitting the business here, just struggling, wondering if it is still possible, and still doing my best work and effort! PLEASE, if you get a chance, do take a look at my work at Honest feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  12. You guys are so awesome. I thought for sure that I'll get a lot of negative comments but now I realize that I am not alone with my sentiments! There are many more like me, feed up with the bad vibes and willing to move forward and be the trail blazers that we need to be to move this industry forward.
    Congratulations to all of you and thank you for commenting. This made my week.
    With gratitude

  13. Ah.. looking at the title, I thought this will be yet another rant. Turned out to be a slap-on-the-face kind of words instead. I loved it. I am just entering serious photography biz when most people are predicting doom. And I think there is enough work out there.

  14. You hit the nail on the head! Don't know if this applies to all the complainers, but it sounds like someone who has stood still as technology and the market place has passed them by.

  15. Yeah! Well said.
    This IS a difficult time, but waivering and whining won't work.

  16. Well said! Thank you for the candid commentary. So many need to hear this...

  17. I have a favorite saying, it' actually mine.

    "There nothing Positive about Negativity"

    I believe it's true then and now.

  18. Beate,

    Lend me a million and I'll stop moaning.... XX

  19. Dear Beate,

    Sometimes the trail has already been blazed. It's just waiting to be discovered. We all know the game has changed...but how many have adjusted and changed their game plan?

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