Ask the Photo Business Coach: How Should I Follow Up on My Proposal?

In this month’s “Ask the Photo Business Coach,” I answer the following question submitted by a Black Star Rising reader: “What’s the best way to follow up on a photography proposal or estimate — without seeming too annoying?” I walk you through the process I recommend, step by step.

3 Responses to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: How Should I Follow Up on My Proposal?”

  1. Great information in this video blog post.

    The sound however is horrible and makes it hard to understand what she's talking about.

  2. I wish I could make it through this video, but the background noise was so horribly disturbing I just couldn't stand trying to listen through it to hear what you were saying.

    I'd love to hear the info if you could repost a new video repeating what you said recorded in a quiet environment.

    I certainly don't mean to sound harsh, but I know with your focus on providing professional business info, it's hard to believe this got posted. Would you ever recommend that a photographer put a video intro to themselves on their website that was recorded in a bus, subway, or even a ferry.

    Sorry, but I expect better quality presentation from a professional photo business consultant.

  3. Beate, thanks for the wonderful advice. Doesn't NPR use ambient background noise, too? 🙂

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