Ask the Photo Business Coach: How Do I Stay Positive in a Negative Environment?

In my last installment of “Ask the Photo Business Coach,” I offered some tough love for photographers who are always complaining about the business — basically advising them to adapt or get out. This month, I answer a question for those who want to stick with their photography careers, but need some positive reinforcement: “How do I stay positive in a negative environment?”

5 Responses to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: How Do I Stay Positive in a Negative Environment?”

  1. Thanks advice for the great advice.

    I was doubting myself after the demise of the newspaper industry fell. But after some encouraging advice from friends and family, began shooting again on a regular basis. This helped keep my spirits up, mind focused, and helped me reset my goals.

    And the part about staying away from naysayers is so true. They just bring you down.

    Thanks Beate

  2. Awesome advice, thanks for the video, I love it.

  3. Good advice that I am passing on to the photographers who follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

  4. What great great great advice! Having been in a real negative space for a few weeks I decided that it was time to shake things up. I am a fashion photographer and I started going door to door. Really, with portfolio in hand I am going to all the local hair salons and dress designers. I even walked into a optometrist shop cause one never know and as luck would have it they booked me for a shoot.
    We are in control of how we feel and if you feel positive and you take a proactive approach you can change your world.
    It's good to hear this - -right time, right words

  5. This video is refreshing our minds. This is a good clipping even for people who are successful in their career.

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