Ask the Photo Business Coach: Beate Chelette

Editor’s note: Black Star Rising is pleased to introduce a new series of video blog posts, “Ask the Photo Business Coach,” featuring Beate Chelette. The high-energy entrepreneur and former Corbis executive has been profiled twice on this blog, once while with Corbis and again after leaving the company. Today, she is a successful consultant and author.

Do you have a question for “Ask the Photo Business Coach”? Please send it to [email protected].

3 Responses to “Ask the Photo Business Coach: Beate Chelette”

  1. its a shame that a successful professional photographer has set up her video camera so that she's blurry and the poster on the wall behind her is sharp...

  2. I give her props for trying to be helpful . . . But, Janice, I sadly concur, besides the back focus, there are a few things distracting from her message.

    Technically: a hot light bringing the face out would help. The sound wasn't bad - but not great: a mic of some kind closer to the voice.

    Content: please be helpful sooner in the video. I read the sidebar: I would not have started the video if I didn't think her POV would be good . . I don't need the entire resume on the video. Get to the point!

    I'd love to see another edition - with some tech help!

    Sorry for the downer. . . but without a solid crit - we don't get better!

    ~ Roger

  3. I wish I saw the high energy but I can't criticize this. Why? Because I don't have any video that says I am any better.

    Video is not something that's simple to do and the fact that She's making the effort is awesome.

    I'll have to look around for these posts and think of a question to bring up.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there!


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