Advice from an Art Director: What I Look for When Hiring a Photographer

I had the opportunity to interview Tony Messano, an Atlanta-based art director, for a presentation I gave at the NPPA Convergence ’10 educational event in July. In this video, Tony shares the qualities he looks for when hiring a photographer.

3 Responses to “Advice from an Art Director: What I Look for When Hiring a Photographer”

  1. Thanks for advice! 🙂

  2. I'm sorry but didn't think that gave any help to understand Professional Photography. To be able to complete a brief is obvious -- to be able to bring something to the table is obvious -- What about professionalism, the ability to understand how to interpret an idea ... what media it is being used for .. what space is needed for type, ... what the client wants us all to say ..... having a Global knowledge of all the ingredients needed to make any Commissioned picture work, from stylists, producers, models etc., The business is complicated as well as creative but achieving both has to be fun !!!

  3. I think it was great info! I very much appreciate you putting it out here for us to view. If you get a chance, please do review some of my work at My partner and I are in need of more jobs and I think we are highly creative, inventive, agile, dependable, and results-oriented. We would love a shot at working with Tony and/or others!

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