A Simple SEO Tweak To Get Better Blog Traffic

When I was contacted by an up-and-coming New York wedding photographer to assist with their SEO strategy, one of the first things I noticed is that she was using her blog as her portfolio. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, the problems began when I saw how she was naming her posts.

Each post, or wedding feature, was titled after the couple’s name. This might be a great way for the couple and their guests to find the post if they are searching for it on Google. But seeing as they are already a paying client, that’s not really who we are looking to attract with our blog.

While a blog can certainly provide valuable information and inspiration to existing clients, it’s primary purpose should be to attract new website traffic so you can expose your business to more prospects.

So the first suggestion I made to them is to change their title strategy. Rather than categorizing each post as the couple’s name, use words that other prospects might be looking for.

Instead of “Jamie & Joe’s Wedding”, try “Bronx Wedding at Wave Hill Public Garden”.

Instead of “Jim Jensen’s Headshot Shoot”, try “Corporate Headshots for New Rochelle CEO.”

If you still want to organize your portfolio by couple so that existing clients can view them on your website without logging in, simply use a photo gallery plug-in feature and name each gallery after the couple. This way, existing customers can find their gallery, but you can still use those images on your blog to attract new prospects as well.

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