A Real Story Of How Old Fashioned Marketing Still Works

Good old fashioned relationship marketing still works. I love the Internet for growing a business, but it doesn’t eliminate the power of local promotion.

For instance, when I was pregnant with my daughter I started seeing a new chiropractor for the sudden back pain my big belly was bringing on. One of the things I loved about her practice was the modern, zen decor that put me at ease and especially the gorgeous lifestyle canvas prints hanging everywhere.

One day when I was waiting for an adjustment and staring at the photography, I realized that one of the photos was my chiropractor with her son! All this time I thought the prints were just stock images she bought, but after asking her about it, I learned they were all compliments of a talented local photographer who specializes in family and newborn shoots.

I grabbed a business card from the waiting room table and emailed her as soon as I got home from my appointment. Just like that, this photographer got a new lead.

It turns out that my chiropractor met this local photographer at a business networking event and hit it off. Both great collaborators, they’ve found multiple ways to promote each other over time and it’s paid off.

I might not ever have thought a chiropractor and photographer were a good referral match, but I’d be wrong. The truth is, great networkers have a way of finding the opportunities that others just don’t see.

If you want to give this strategy a try, I provide some tips on how to make it work best plus 2 more ways to market your photography business offline on my blog.

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