A Good Photo Agency Makes Coordinating International Shoots a Snap

Here’s the situation: You’re head of corporate communications for a Fortune 1000 company. You just received a directive from the CEO to coordinate the creation of new office and leadership photos across your entire organization for use in your next annual report.

Sound simple enough? Oh, yeah — I forgot to mention that your corporate headquarters is in the United States, but your company has offices in 22 countries. The photos must be ready within the month to meet a press date, and you’re in charge of meeting that deadline.

Now what?

Do you dash off an e-mail to each office and then pray that they all comply in time for you to go to press?

Even if every office meets your date, how can you be sure that the quality of all the photos is up to par and that they are similar in pose and style according to your instructions?

I’ve got a better idea. Get some help.

Help with the Details

A qualified assignment photography agency can assist you with all the details, start to finish, of scheduling, planning and coordinating multi-location shoots. You just need to find a company that has an outstanding global network of experienced photographers. (Black Star, for example, has photographers around the world that we call on, from China to South Africa, Sydney to Nova Scotia.)

There are three key benefits to enlisting an assignment photography agency:

1. Experienced project coordination. An experienced rep coordinates and double checks the details for you, including dates, locations, and special permissions that may apply.

2. Consistency. By working with one company, you’ll know your photos will be consistent in look and feel, lighting and framing.

3. Quality. You shouldn’t leave this to chance. A reputable assignment photography agency puts their reputation on the line for its customers. The photos you get from your Paris office will be as breathtaking as the photos from Tokyo, Frankfurt and Singapore.

Ask Questions

The thing to remember when hiring an assignment photo agency is to ask questions. Here are a few to get you started:

  • What is the average tenure of your photographers?
  • What is the nature of their experience?
  • Can I talk to the photographers beforehand?
  • Do your photographers visit locations in advance to find the best places to shoot and the best time of day or night?

Learn as much as you can about the company and ask for references and portfolio samples.

Once you’re comfortable with the agency you choose, you can concentrate on other work and let them worry about the details. Chance are you’ll get great results — and make your press deadline, too.

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