A Black Star eBook — When to Use Assignment Photography


Spend any time around photographers, and eventually you’ll hear someone remind you that a picture speaks a thousand words. The real question is, what are those words saying?

They describe the subject of the image, of course. They tell the viewer what the person in an executive portrait looks like, or portray the kind of work a company does, or communicate a message about a product and its benefits.

But they also say a lot about the company that chose to use the picture — in its advertising, annual report, or other corporate collateral.

Photography Can Help — or Hurt — Your Brand

They reveal whether the company is professional, attentive to detail and concerned about its image and its brand — or whether it looks to cut corners and operates to lower standards in return for lower costs.

The picture may tell your customers, “For us, only the best is acceptable.” Or it might also say, “For us, acceptable is good enough.”

Both of these messages can have powerful effects, strengthening a company’s image — or weakening a brand.

In an era when cheap stock photography floods the Web, Black Star’s new eBook — When to Use Assignment Photography — demonstrates clearly why, in many cases, there is simply no substitute for a quality assignment photographer.

A Guide for Photography Buyers


When to Use Assignment Photography is designed to help corporate communications departments, corporate marketers, advertising and public relations agencies, Web design firms, and other photography clients assess when to use corporate assignment photography rather than stock or other options.

The eBook’s chapters include:

  • What is assignment photography and what does it mean for your business?
  • Assignment photography for executive portraits
  • Assignment photography for annual reports
  • Assignment photography for architectural photography
  • Assignment photography for advertising and marketing
  • When only assignment photography will do

Featuring insightful interviews with veteran Black Star photographers, When to Use Assignment Photography is a must for corporate photography buyers.

Download the e-book.