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A Bird’s Eye View: Kite Aerial Photography

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The last few times I’ve flown, I requested a window seat so I could photograph what was outside — sometimes the clouds, sometimes the rivers and fields, sometimes the skyscrapers below. Especially interesting was making the same cross-country trip during different seasons and comparing what the landscape looked like during summer and then during winter.

No doubt aerial photography is breathtaking because it offers a perspective that we don’t usually have access to — and maybe that’s precisely why we’re so drawn to it.

Nowadays, aerial photographs are often taken from an airplane or helicopter (satellite photography adds another dimension, which we’ll cover in a later post), but another type of photography that’s garnered adherents throughout history is kite aerial photography, or KAP.

KAP enabled George Lawrence [2] to take the now historic photograph of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and has given us such amazing artistic shots as Charles Benton lying on a lakebed. [3]

To learn more about KAP, check out these resources: the blog and digital encyclopeadia of Kite Aerial Photography site, [4] the Kite Aerial Photography online index, [5] the Kite Aerial Photography forum, [6] the
KAP Wiki, [7] and the Flickr KAP group. [8]

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#1 Comment By Tyler Olson On July 24, 2011 @ 2:26 pm

I am just getting into kite aerial photography (kap) and am gathering the stuff needed. I seems like a great way to capture aerial photos while keeping the costs low. I am looking to do a number of aerial landscapes of the prairies and was considering renting a small plane. After considering all my options, I think I'll try and accomplish my task with just a kite. Looking forward to some good times!