5 Tips for Starting a Photography Business

Thinking about starting a photography business? Congratulations! It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the point where you can make money off of photography. Dedication is one thing that small business owners need to have in abundance in order to pull off running a business. Hopefully, these five tips will help you get started on the right path to getting your business established and running smoothly.

Get a logo.

This is important so you have some type of branding you can build on. Don’t think this has to be the logo that will represent you forever and always, but get something you feel represents you now. Chances are in two to three years you may want to rebrand with a new website or logo.

Choosing a pre-designed logo from a graphic designer is a great option to save money, and you can think about getting a custom designed logo as your business grows.

Register your business with your state and/or county.

Getting a business license through your local courthouse is super important to make sure that your business is reputable and you can legally charge people for what you do.

Register with the sales tax department for your state.

Yes, no one likes to hear this, but you do have to charge and pay sales tax for business you do. If you’re not sure how to do this, find a local chapter of SCORE that offers free business counseling from mentors in your area. This can help you tremendously when you’re navigating the laws and regulations of your state.

Get a blog.

If you have a domain purchased already, great. If not, this can be done through hosting sites like Bluhost or Hostgator. Once you get your domain, a blog is one of the best ways to start getting your photographs and name out to the people in your community. WordPress is a great platform to get started, and you can use your domain, which is what you want to do.

Get insurance: equipment & liability.

Yes, this is one of the most critical things you need to do if you’re serious about your business, especially if you’re a photographer. We are working with people in all different locations and with expensive equipment. If something happens to your camera, you need insurance to help with replacement costs. But, even more important than your equipment, if something happens to a client of yours while you are photographing them and they get injured, you need liability insurance to cover your business. Otherwise, it can turn into a messy situation very quickly.

So there you have it – five tips to help you get your business established. Yes, this will take money, but every business takes an investment to get started. When you’re working with people, especially with photography, you don’t want to start something where you’re not protected if anything happens. If you follow these steps, you’ll be creating the right foundation for a wonderful business.

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