3 Steps to Using Google Analytics To Help You Get More Photography Clients

Let me ask you a serious question.

Do you know what’s going on with your photography website traffic?

Like how many visits? Where they’re coming from? And what they’re doing on your website?

If not, you need Google Analytics.

If you’re not familiar already, Google Analytics is a totally free tool for setting up your website traffic.

When used correctly, this free tool can actually help you get more clients for your photography business.

Here’s how.

Step 1 – Install Google Analytics

The one drawback to Google Analytics is that it can’t start working for you until you set it up. There’s no way to magically unlock traffic data from before the day you first install Google Analytics on your website.

So get to installing!

It’s really a simple 3-step process:

  • Head on over to www.google.com/analytics to sign up for an account
  • Follow their instructions to copy and paste the tracking code snippet on to your site
  • Wait up to 24 hours, then see traffic data start to collect in your account!

Are you using a website where you don’t actually access the code? Maybe you’re on WordPress? Or Wix? Or Weebly? Or SquareSpace? Check out my ultimate guide to installing Google Analytics on any and every website for specific platform walkthroughs.

Step 2 – Figure Out What’s Working

The whole point of Google Analytics is to help us see what’s working and what’s not. But how do we do that?

Let’s keep things simple.

Head on over to the Acquisitions report.

Then head to “All Traffic”

All-Traffic Report Google Analytics

From there, we can easily see which sources of traffic are working for our sites.

If you’re a complete newbie to Google Analytics, you can simply use Bounce Rate as an indicator of traffic quality. Put simply, a visit to your site where a visitor leaves before hitting a second page is called a “bounce.” Therefore, the lower the bounce rate, the more likely this traffic source is working for you.

(A better way to do this is with goals & conversion tracking, but that’s a little advanced for a Google Analytics beginner)

Got your list of traffic sources in hand? Great – just one more step to use it to get more clients for your photography business.

Step 3 – Rinse and Repeat

The entire magic behind Google Analytics is allowing us to see what’s working so we can rinse & repeat and stop wasting time & money on what isn’t.

But remember – YOU play a very important role in these decisions.

How much money and time have you invested in what’s working best for you? How much money and time have you invested in what’s not working for you? Where do you need to stop pouring money and time or reevaluate? What traffic sources seem to be on fire for your business and should you devote more resources to?

It’s in this simple analysis that you get to make the marketing part of your business & the customer acquisition part of your business muuuuuch easier. Bonus: it should take up way less of your time.

Who’s ready for more clients with less work? I am!

Over to You
Have you ever used Google Analytics to help you make decisions for your business before? What sort of insights have you pulled out of your account? Did you find this post useful? Let us know in the comments!

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