26 Handy Excuses for Missing the Shot

Every photographer has their favorite excuses for not coming back with the goods on a shoot. Here are a few I may (or may not) have uttered at least once.   Perhaps you recognize a couple of these yourself?

1. “Oh, it wasn’t that great a moment; I’ve seen better.”

2. “My eyes are getting old — I don’t see as well as I used to.”

3. “I lost my contact lens.”

4. “My dad/sister/buddy/colleague borrowed my camera. He/she didn’t reset the diopters in the viewfinder.”

5. “If I had that image-stabilized lens, I would have nailed that shot.”

6. “I had the best possible spot staked out, clear shot of everything. Then everyone in front of me stood up.”

7. “I ran out of memory cards.”

8. “My brand new batteries died.”

9. “What do you mean the race is over? I just heard the announcer call the runners for the Men’s 100m Final to their starting blocks!”

10. “The rain messed up the autofocus on my camera.”

11. “I was chimping — I never saw it.”

12. “I was in the middle of changing lenses.”

13. “The camera messed up. It was set on program.”

14. “My lens must have been set to manual focus.”

15. “MapQuest directions are #%&*@&! — I couldn’t find the place and got lost.”

16. “I had car trouble.”

17. “I parked in the red zone for only two minutes. When I returned, my car was gone.”

18. “I had the wrong lens on the camera body.”

19. “I had the right lens on the wrong camera body.”

20. “40-Love meant the game was almost over?”

21. “I didn’t realize the players scored by running around the bases and coming back to where they started.”

22. “Of course I didn’t shoot the players brawling. I was told to concentrate on game action.”

23. “The priest said no pictures during the wedding ceremony. How was I to know he actually meant no flash?”

24. “You and your wife signed a contract saying you only needed me for six hours. Sorry, but your reception ran late.”

25. “The DJ started without me. I was in the bathroom.”

26. “I told the bride, ‘Throw the bouquet on the count of three — but she did it on two!'”

17 Responses to “26 Handy Excuses for Missing the Shot”

  1. My personal favorite excuse is: I was drunk and the light was bad.

  2. Too funny.

  3. The light was great....I think. I was drunk. Dog-ass drunk. I had no idea who I was, where I was, or what I was doing. And "she" was the most beautiful woman I ever saw, considering my condition.

  4. Haha..! My internal dialogue normally runs something like this: "You missed the shot! You are a complete moron! Call yourself a photographer??? Why don't you get a real job!!!! You useless cretin!" Aaah... happy days ;-))

  5. Wow...I feel better now (that I am sober).

  6. 🙂 "If I didn't shoot it, it didn't happen." - John H. White (There are no excuses.)

  7. I've claimed amnesia before. "I don't remember doing any shots of the whole wedding party, are you sure we shot those?" 🙂

  8. #25 seems to always happen to me. Fire, DJ, gametime, etc.

  9. I don't have excuses...

    My answer is, even if i know I missed the shot, which I have done:

    This is what I got, that's it, period...

    Although, funny article and true facts, you can add: I was being harassed by a police/girl/guy/model/mother in-law/bride/groom...

  10. I was shooting from the hip and forgot to take the lens cap off!

    I was doing a "Hail Mary" and was pushing the wrong button!

    What? I had an assignment where?

    I decided to go fishing instead.

    But the cheerleaders look so much better.

  11. Very funny article.

  12. sorry I forgot to read the email(brief) before I left the office!

    Wellington photography

  13. Aww I love this one the most!
    “I told the bride, ‘Throw the bouquet on the count of three — but she did it on two!’” 😀

  14. My memory card must have been corrupted, I never miss a shot.

    Love the list.

  15. I'm still losing sleep over the shot I missed this weekend. My excuse? "I suck."

  16. Har Har, I feel so much better after reading this article and these lovely responses Peter. My excuse for mixed light shots at receptions with movement is. "Blurry?" It's not blurry, it's fine art" Just like in Vogue Magazine." haha

  17. "If I had a better caera, I would have gotten a better picture."

    (Meanwhile, my friend with the cheap camera phone got the shot perfect.)

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